AtvEditor is an enhanced version of ATV, A Tree Viewer. It was based on ATV version 1.9.2 and has most of functions implemented in its precessor. Although the atvEditor looks pretty like ATV version 1.9.2, it really improved the original one in many ways:

  • Editing functions: change the topologies of phylogenetic trees, delete clades, and bifurcate/multifurcate nodes.
  • Colorize species.
  • Add more TreeFam-specific NHX tags: ":G=" and ":Sd=". And do not report an error when an unknown tag is encountered.
  • Code enhancement: Greatly simplify NHX string output using recursion. Improve reading speed when an NHX string with many white spaces are fed as the input.
  • Talk with TreeFam CGI for tree curation.
  • Link to source database by clicking a leaf.
AtvEditor provides simple interface for tree curation in TreeFam. Tree Curation Tool (tctool) is a more sophisticated version.

Get AtvEditor

AtvEditor is distributed under GNU Public License (GPL). Source codes and binaries are freely available at the download page.