TreeSoft is a collection of softwares that build, display or manipulate phylogenetic trees. It is also the code base for softwares that are developed for the TreeFam (Tree Families database). At the same time, TreeSoft provides brief introductions and links to other softwares, databases or web services for phylogenetic trees. TreeSoft is an open source project hosted by The project page is available at


  • First Release of TreeFam Perl Object-Oriented API (version 3v1) - 2006.11.01

    TreeFam Perl API was written and is maintained by Jean-Karim. It is a set of modules that provide high-level access to the data stored in the Treefam MySQL database.

  • TreeSoft Mailing Lists Opened - 2006.10.26

    Three mailing lists are opened. They are: treesoft-help (at) for the supports of TreeSoft, treesoft-treefam (at) for the supports and public discussions of TreeFam, and treesoft-devel (at) for the information on the development of TreeSoft. These mailing lists are open to the public. You could follow the link to subscribe them.

  • NJTREE 1.9.1 Released (Release Notes) - 2006.10.25

    We also release binaries for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. However, as NJTREE is mainly aimed for Linux at the beginning, it is only heavily tested under Linux. The graphical interface of its Windows version works but looks buggy. The GUI under Mac OS X does not work at all. Although I used to have similar problems with an Intel-based MacBook and finally solve it, I cannot achieve this time. If you have any idea about it, please contact the author of NJTREE. Thank you.

  • ATVEDITOR 1.0.0 Released (Release Notes) - 2006.10.11
  • NJTREE 1.9.0 Released (Release Notes) - 2006.10.10
  • TreeSoft Registered at - 2006.09.29